EBay Accounting Assistant makes preparing taxes easier

by kamckinley on March 17, 2007

If you are an eBay seller, you may have heard of the eBay Accounting Assistant. 

eBay Accounting Assistant is a software program available from eBay that allows you to import your eBay and PayPal data from eBay, and export it directly into your QuickBooks company file. This reduces data-entry time, minimizes transcription errors, and helps make sure you don’t forget any eBay or PayPal fees paid on your tax return.

eBay Accounting Assistant has the following features:

  • Download eBay and PayPal fees and transactions.

  • Specify exactly how you want your eBay and PayPal data entered into QuickBooks.

  • Map eBay sales transactions to your existing QuickBooks customers and items.

  • Minimize data entry time with automatic matching of eBay sales transactions to existing customers and items in QuickBooks. Over time, eBay Accounting Assistant gets smarter about matching this data and further reduces your time spent doing data entry.

  • Use QuickBooks classes to separate your eBay sales transactions from other types of sales (if supported by your QuickBooks product). For example, separate online eBay sales from physical storefront sales.

  • Export your eBay and PayPal data to QuickBooks in its complete form so you don’t have to do additional work within QuickBooks.

eBay Accounting Assistant is free to download and use, but you must have a subscription to Seller’s Assistant (Basic or Pro), Selling Manager (Basic or Pro), or eBay Stores. You can try any these subscriptions free of charge for 30 days.

Accounting Assistant works with the following accounting software programs:  QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise editions 2004-2006, Simple Start 2005 (R5+) & 2006, and QuickBooks Online. 

You can learn more about and download eBay’s Accounting Assistant here:

For more great eBay tax tips, please read our free special report, Tax Tips for eBay Sellers.

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